A bit confused, Dynaudio 1.3SE power, music and HT

Hey guys, I have a quick question for ya. I have 1.3SE's, with a T2.1 center and a HSU sub. This will be used for my home theater as well as two channel, though I am mainly a two channel guy at heart. I bought an Arcam AVR 250 and think its fantastic, especially in the Analogue bypass mode, but it is a bit underpowered. What should I do in this situation? Is there such thing as a pre/amp that is only high quality 3.1? Let me know!
The easiest thing would be if the Arcam had pre-outs for any / all channels - then you could put them out to dedicated amps for any / all channels. I'm assuming the Arcam doesn't have these, but if you haven't looked and it does, the problem is easy to solve.

Most prepros should allow for configuring which speakers you're using and which ones you aren't, and routing whatever decoding mode you're using to the available channels. So, if you're using DD 5.1 decoding, but there are only 3.1 speakers, all the sound will be sent to those 3.1 channels.

There are many prepros with analog bypass mode, older models as well as new, that would accomplish the prepro side of the equation. Then, of course, you'd need amplification for your fronts.

The Dyn 1.3SE will appreciate all upgrades to amplification and ability to deliver current. That's a nice pair of speakers, but they do love their amplification.
If the Arcam 250 had preamp outs, you could simply add a two channel amp with more power to drive your front L+R speakes. It does not...so your out of luck there.

Ya, only the 300 and 350 do. I was thinking of trading it in for the 300. Then I could get a better amp for the front. Any opinions on where to go for there if I get the 300? Thanks!
I have an Arcam AVR300 that is bi-amping my B&W 604s3 mains. I have an Arcam CD36 source CDP. The AVR300 does a good job to drive these speakers, which are power hungry. I know because as i was driving them in just bi-wire mode i was hearing under-power distortion. Bi-amping that AVR300 definitely changed things for the better. This will work for you until you can get a dedicated Amp, but after hearing it, you might consider putting funds towards something different as I did with the source. Also, careful placement of my 604's made a huge difference for me as well, 42" from back wall, 7 feet apart, toe-in slightly, sitting about 7 to 8 feet away. Man that was a big eye-opening (sorry for the speaker placement tangent)