A different world

For decades I have struggled to get digital even close to comparable to analog. Then finally a couple years ago after lots of upgrading and experimentation I succeeded. Streaming is equally satisfying with analog, very, very comparable. The full soundstage, instruments suspended in space, tonal balance, dead silent background, and details of brass cymbals … etc. Red Book CDs through my CD player are bested by my streamer with Qobuz or Tidal with hi-Rez versions.


A new world. It takes a while to get it. No longer confined to music you “own” to play over and over. Replay is supplanted by exploration. You love an new (or old album) and hit, “add to library”. It is yours.

So, HiFi+ magazine has an article on building a European 21st Century Jazz Library. I just start with the first album in the list and listen (add to library), the 2nd album (add to library), the third… the forth, fifth… a whole new category of incredible music to sit along side Miles Davis and Hank Moberly. Just a couple days in the life of a audiophile streamer. I could have never predicted this as a possibility ten years ago.


You love music? The goal of having an infinite audiophile library is now possible. It is possible at any high end level… just requires knowledge that it can be done… and I guess give up the idea that there is something special about your CD collection, or players.


I have a 2,000 vinyl albums, play them, usually one a day. They are fun, occasionally sound ever slightly better… but not significantly, I like them for nostalgic reasons.


Great thread.

I started streaming in my main rig a little over three years ago (almost all components and speakers new at that time). I've found that in a good system, everything makes a difference; streamer, DAC, network cables, power cables, network switch, linear power supplies, etc. I make small changes as I feel and have gotten to a point that it is so, so good! Can it get better, I think it can, but right now I love listening and never wonder what it'd be like with a vinyl rig, I can listen at my local dealer anytime. Next change is power conditioning, just picked up today.

BTW, streaming just opens one up to such a wonderful universe of music. Been selling or giving away CDs and need to get rid of them all, or most. Maybe someday I'll get to ripping the CDs that are out of print that I want to listen to in the future.

Yes, this is a different world. And one I so love sitting down in front of.

I stream in the office and have a very good digital front end. I still buy CD as they are so freaking cheap!

Love my vinyl and always will listen almost every evening.

Matter of fact have a new stack to spin tonight.

Cheers great thread.

I'm not a vinyl guy myself but it sounds like we need a vinyl streaming service..

Thank you guys. I really appreciate you chiming in. I have spent my career evaluating and introducing new technology to corporations. There is so much hype and confusion to obscure the truly great leaps forward. While not in the corporate environment, this is truly a Great Leap Forward in high end audio, something more close to my heart. I hate to see a lot of folks focus on old tech and miss out for years on what is possible now. After fifty years of working to experience outstanding audio and to get the entire world of music to boot… well, I am so lucky… I hope as many people as possible can experience it.

I am getting better with my digital end but just got listening to raw sienna from Savoy Brown on my vinyl rig and no matters the few clicks and pops, it was awesome.

Digital technology is an add on, not an end all IMO.