A gallery of funky speakers

34 eye-catching designs profiled in a slideshow on CE Pro's website.

About the third speaker I noticed a counter the first speaker had been viewed 821 times the last only 230 looks like 600 people lost interest along the way.

I personally dont think Martin Logan speakers should have been included.
There were sure some interesting form factors. Although I am apalled at how much demand there appears to be for speakers that are also lamps.
I would have included the Avantgarde Trio Classico [curved stand] and the MBL 101 E Radialstrahler.
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10-30-07: Viridian
Crap, what a let down; I thought it was going to be a speaker shaped like James Brown, Aretha or George Clinton. That stuff is just ugly speakers, no funk, no swing.

That would have totally reeked of awesomeness. I think sombody should go into business manufacturing these!