A good universal remote that works changing inputs on new 8K Anthem MRX and AVR's

I have several Logitech 650 remotes that have served me well for years but now that they have gotten out of the remote business it appears Logitech is not updating its device data base. When trying to reprogram the Logitech 660 all in one remote with my new Anthem 8K unit information it gives an on screen is "product not found" prompt.

I can turn on/off the New Anthem with the Logitech remote but thats it will not switch modes etc. Has anyone found a universal remote the works with the 8K Anthems?


The 650 is a learning remote. If you have the original Anthem remote, you should be able to get it to work.

@cleeds IKR it should work doing the learning feature (would not work at all before doing the learning protacol). Turning the Anthem 8K on/off and volume in whatever input stage it is currently in is as far as it goes.

That is most odd, @balooo2! You might want to ask Anthem if they'll give you the remote hex codes. Some are posted with links right on its website.