Luxman C-02 remote? And sound signature

I probably read too many forum discussions.  Anyway, I have a Luxman R-117 integrated amp.  I have been pleased ad punch with, but I have read many articles regarding that it’s pre-amplifier isn’t as good as it could be or should be; so I acquired a Luxman C-02 control amp/pre-amplifier. Two things I’ve noticed: 1) I seem to have lost that warmth and depth that the R-117 provided.  In its place is a very punchy, but for lack of a better word crisp or airy top end without the depth from before, is this normal?  I have to say it’s really clean, but maybe too crisp. Maybe my ears need to adapt?  Both sound good but different. I think I miss the warmth and the bottom end.  2) The upside the remote control associated with our 117 is now disabled and the C –02 never offered a remote, so I guess I’ll be getting a lot more exercise because I did not realize how often I have to get up for my comfortable listening position to adjust the volume, specifically when I’m listening to a streaming device.  It’s amazing how every song, every artist, every album, every label…seems to have a different baseline for it’s initial volume.  I am not aware of any aftermarket or OEM device that serves as a adapter or infrared receiver to enable a remote control to work with the C – 02.  Any input is welcomed and appreciated. 


Involving, that’s my criteria. Less involving, goodbye.

If it (ANYTHING) immediately gives a sound that alters your prior preferred sound, returrn it, sell it, give it away! Don’t try to get used to it. Don’t try this or that cable to fix something to equal your prior preferred sound. It proves your existing equipment is just right for you!

Losing Remote Control for an equal or less involving sound makes no sense.

My vintage tube pre-amp which I love lacks remote anything. I changed to an Integrated Amp (Cayin A88T), just to get remote volume, which my prior vintage mono-blocks lacked (fisher 80-az). I risked it based on a 6 Moons review.

Prior Mcintosh Amp also lacked remote volume, and even if it had it, the remote beam would not have a clear path to operate. I went back to tubes anyway because they were more involving, and I had switched back to my current very efficient speakers, so I could drop down from 250 wpc to 30 wpc.

It HAD to sound as good as those Mono Blocks or I was going to sell it, even taking a loss, because return was not an option.

Luckily it sounds terrific, equally Involving, I sold my Fisher 80-az’s to Steve at VAS.


Tube Equipment, that’s a different ballgame, because different tubes can definitely sound significantly different (far more than any cable change). It is possible changing the tubes would equal or better the sound/involvement. Equal, forget it, go back to remote control. More involving, hooray!

That’s a game of rolling the dice. I blew up a 6sl7 by putting it into a 6sn7 socket. 1st time I ever didd that in 45 years). 1st set of replacements sounded terrible. Luckily Brent Jesse let me break them in (still didn’t like them), return them, try something else, half the price, sound great. I felt/feel lucky I got back to where it sounded terrific.

Like Cartridges, nearly everything, it’s ’preferred, not better’. My Cayin is ’better’ because of features, not sound.

I disconnected the c-02 pre-amp,  the sound is rewarding again. i guess specifications are not the ultimate determination of great sound.  In this case, the R-117  integrated preamp and amp seem to bring out the best in each other.
I have a decent credit balance at local vintage sale and repair shop. I asked them to give it a listen on some of their equipment for an informal performance evaluation (vs just my sound preference) and if any concern to open it up to inspect/test it and provide a specific assessment and repair est if applicable. My objective would be to sell it and want to ensure I have integrity in my selling offering.