A great amp for some monitor audios

Hi everyone. This my first post here on audiogon. Im just about done with college and I'm looking for a upgrade to my entry into hifi system. My system right now consist of monitor audio rs8s, MIT avt bi wire, pioneer elite cd player and receiver. I'm looking to replace my receiver I got it before I knew a hole lot about hifi and I wanted a HT. I want something that has great synergy with my monitors. So far on my short list of gear to check out is creek audio, arcam, and musical fidelity. I have heard a lot of good things about them with MA. So if anyone has any insight into a amp that would work great with my MA or any general advice at all I would love to hear it. O yea I'm looking at a budget of around 2000 or less.
Hi Caveman33, great short list, but then I've used Musical Fidelity for years, original X-series, A3, A308, and A5. Currently use the A308, as it has been the best so far. On the used market, it's great performance for the price. General advice, what type of sound are you trying to achieve? Studio in an anechoic chamber, or live music playing in the room.
I can vouch for Musical Fidelity. My system consists of a Pioneer Elite receiver (VSX-45TX), MF A5 amp powering the front speakers (Monitor Audio Gold Ref 20's)a Jolida CDP and an oldie Onkyo turntable. Interesting mix but all things considered, and after some cord and cable upgrades, I'm very happy with the sound of this arrangement. To the point where I'm thinking about finding a new home for my MF A5 preamp.
Thanks for the responses. I'm looking for a distributor for Exposure and Quicksilver around Harrisburg Pa to check them out. Looking online they look great. Tls49 I'm looking for a warm fatigued free licensing that can make a wide and deep sound stage as close as I can for my budget. Right now with my pioneer it sounds a little dry and bright. I get half way through an album and my ears sting and when I turn the volume up to reference levels the music starts to fall apart.
As suggested it would be very helpful if you stated your goal in terms of sonic preference instead of just brands.
Can you take a trip across the state? If so check out one ogf my favorite dealers Quest for Sound. He is mainly a tube guy but has SS and access to many lines in addition he is flexible and usually has some great deals on demos etc.
I owned a MF 308 integrated. It was too bright on my JM labs with their inverted Al/Mg dome alloy T5 tweeter. That amp was however a very strong performer and very powerful, very detailed. I understand your speakers tend to be warmish, so it might be just right. I got mine from Underwood Wally here on the Gon. He frequently has B stock and may be able to set you up at a good price. The 308 is no longer made but it's replacement should be similar.
Hi Caveman33, I have always thought the A308 delivered a warm, fatigue free sound with a wide, deep soundstage. Extremely far from being dry and bright. I know some will say different, but I think what they are hearing is a result of something else in their system. Check out the review at SoundStage, an absolutely perfect description of it's sound. They even comment that it outperforms the Tri-Vista in some areas. The A308 has always made me forget about the equipment, and just enjoy the music.