A high-resolution revolution?

It would appear that the folks at Apple will soon be bringing high res to the mainstream. Details, sort of, here:
We'll see, of course, how this actually plays out, but it would seem to be awfully good news, don't ya think?
-- Howard
Apple is future indeed. More and more commercial users switching to Apple and so did I having the fact that there's no professional grade machines remain in IBM/PC world.
Having a friend with student ID can help you to get Apple's highest discount of 10% on their selective products.
There used to be used to be IBM/Lenovo ThinkPads and Dell Precision for laptops.
Nowdays Thinkpads think forever to do anything and crush way to often to be used professionally.
Dell Precision is out of manufacturing.

What Else?
Sounds good to me, if true. If Apple makes a high res server system that you just connect to your dac and play, high res time could finally be here.
Marakanetz, 95% of corporate america uses some sort of PC. May be they do not qualify as "professional grade", but they are certainly not "consumer" market products.
Our firm recently started buying HP desktops and laptops. My HP PC has a core i7 and 16GB of RAM. There are also high-end PC laptops available from Alienware and Voodoo that we use quite a bit for 3D development and real-time presentation, these have video cards with many GB of RAM on the card.