A phono preamp with equalization selector

Hi all,

what do you think about the record equalization selector? I have several Deutsche Grammophon records from the '70. A friend noticed me they should be played with Teldec equalization plus inverted polarity, features that my phono preamp doesn't have. I know this is typical issue if you have old records (60-70s and before). What do you think? Do you agree? If so, which machine may you suggest me?




@elliottbnewcombjr Use the 78 EQ when playing 78's; that and the right stylus should help with surface noise.

There are not many LPs from the 1940s, but I suspect you would have to check on the back of the jacket to see what EQ was used. By 1956 most had gone to the RCA Orthophonic (RIAA). As pointed out earlier, Columbia was a late comer but was entirely RIAA by the stereo era (stereo mastering systems were only supplied with RIAA equalization).


That Fisher Control Panel is not in use.

I meant: all the old 78's and Mono LPs (I have 30's; 40's; 50's) we are playing, (even when using correct stylus and cartridge) is going thru RIAA EQ in our modern setups 

My integrated lets me select from numerous equalization curves. It's interesting to hear the differences.