A simple tweak for WiFi streaming only.


There’s about 12 inches of empty space – horizontally - between my modem and WiFi router – on the same shelf.  Last night, I put a small cardboard box under the WiFi router – elevating it about 14 inches or so higher than the modem.  The SQ became more full-bodied. I’m surprised that such a small change could yield a noticeable difference.  

Apparently, the extra vertical separation mitigated the RFI intrusion into the WiFi signal - a little bit.   If my cables were longer, I’d try to increase the separation even more.   In addition, I placed a couple of ESD bags between the LPS’s and the WiFi router.   I don’t think they’re doing much.   I had them, so why not.    YMMV

Note:  This is not a wired vs wireless thread.



Interesting, I have my modem and router on different shelves, seeing your post I'll leave them that way, thanks.

This may be nuts, but I also wonder if the cardboard box may have also dampened vibrations kind of like when people place racquet balls and such under their components.  Or maybe a combo of both distance and vibration dampening?  I dunno, but this is very interesting nonetheless.