A step to the side- Smart TV question

So I have an audio room. In that room I mounted A 55 inch smart TV for general Youtube viewing, rarely a movie and it is connected to my two channel music system. No gaming at all. I use the TV, usually as a side entertainment. Windows everywhere but with blinds. I’d like to replace this TV since it’s getting old in the tooth. Going up to 65 inch and wondering if any audiophiles have a Smart TV and what you like. In my living room I have an LG OLED that I like much more than the Samsung.I am leaning that direction but would like to know from the audio crowd. What do you have or what would you get?

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The point made is that Android casts directly to most any smart TVs. iOS does not.

@fuzztone Not sure what that means 'casts', but if you have a smart TV you should be able to access Apple TV or any other streaming service, youtube, etc., directly via the TV. No need for iOS or any other external device or OS. But if I want to I can wirelessly view whatever is on one of my Macs or iPad or iPhone on my Sony TV.

I own a 55” LG OLED TV and like it very much. Its optical output connects to my Benchmark DAC3 HGC DAC and to my Musical Fidelity integrated amp and PMC speakers. The picture quality is excellent and so is the sound quality. This is a home theater 2-channel system.

I have a TiVo cable box (Internet TV), that connects to the Interent using an Ethernet cable, and use the TiVo remote to control my LG TV and the amplifier volume.


Well folks the verdict is in. After looking at TVs at Costco, Sam’s Club and Best Buy (which are the only places around me to shop) I was in Best Buy for the third time and the LG rep was there talking to a salesman and made me an offer I couldn’t resist on one of the last two 65 inch LG OLED C2’s left in stock (sealed in the box). He said LG would back it completely. Now without offending any Samsung fans out there, that little bit of extra warranty care from LG went a long way since my experience with Samsung was very, very bad. It was considerably less expensive than the C3. All the Sonys looked fantastic and the price tag reflected that. But in the end I went with what I liked in the past ...LG picture, Web interface and remote. The deal was just too (mafia like) good.