A suitable power match for a pass labs X2 pre?

Gentlemen,I recently posed a question about Class A solidstate power amps.I was impressed by the frequent advise to go for a Pass labs amp.Well I went about things the wrong way round,as I found a Pass labs X2,new,half price.Presumably because it has just been withdrawn.So for the new question,a match for this.
Now I understand the first generation X2 was probably a better match for the Aleph series,but what about the second?
I have sensitive Living Voice speakers,so do'nt need 100's of watts,though I accept that just enough power is'nt really good enough.
So is it to be an Aleph 5(60 watts and balanced input making it a better choice than the 3),an X 150 or 250,or perhaps 2, Monarchy audio sm70 pro's run balanced, any other suggestions?
I use an LP12/Origon live silver taper/dynavector D17 with microgroove plus phonostage and Copland CD 266 as sources.I enjoy Classical,particularly Opera and singer songwriters such as Joni Mitchell of course,Ryan Adams Shawn Colvin etc.
Many thanks in anticipation, from over the pond.
David, Oxfordshire U.K.
Go with the Pass amps for sure. I have owned the Monarchy SM 70 Pros, and while they are good amps, they are not in the same league and have some issues. They each require an aftermarket power cord to sound their best and they have too much gain for the voltage input ( especially in balanced operation). I was using the Aleph P preamp with the monos and there was not enough low volume control. In other words the volume was too high even at one click up! I am now using a Pass Aleph P into a Aleph 3 into a pair of Sonatinas (Avalon style, 93db @ 8 ohms) and have plenty of gain and control. The Monarchy amps would be better with less efficient speakers or a lower gain preamp.
An older T-hold Stasis Series II
Pass, Aleph, Levinson's newere stuff 331, 332, etc.
Both series of Pass amps are excellent they just do different things. I would say they are both very natural sounding the Alpha was a little warmer the X series a slighlty more neutral with maybe some better bass control. I own the X-250 with the X-1 preamp (I also own a BAT VK-30SE preamp) and they both work well with the Pass X-250. Condiering some of the prices of the X-250 used on Agon, buy it without hesitation, I tried over twelve amps before selecting the Pass, they all have their strengths and weaknesses but the X-250 gets better with every system improvement, cables and things.

I really like my pair of Aleph 2s, running balanced, of course, from an Aleph P.