A surprise CD gem

Today was my birthday and I got three new CDs. One was another The Priests CD that I'm currently listening to and greatly enjoying. Another was Ning Feng Violin Hello Mr. Paganini SACD that is also very impressive music and a nice recording. The surprise was Christmas Classics the Classical Christmas Duel Harp & Oboe. It may not be the ultimate for critical listening, but it's a wonderful recording that sounds like the instruments are in the room and simply beautiful Christmas music.

Part of the reason for being surprised is that the CDs are made to order when purchased on Amazon. I was half expecting a CD-R in the mail and it doesn't appear to be the same physical quality as a standard store purchased CD, but you can't argue with the sound quality.

I'd recommend it to anyone that enjoys Christmas music. It is great for just listening, but even better for background music for reading or anything else.