So I'm the guy with the damaged Legacy Subwoofers remember? FedEx pouched a couple holes with their forks and got far enough into the boxes that it stabbed one of them in two different corners. I refused the entire shipment. We then had discussions on shipping company's here on the big A. The following day, I received a call from Legacy. It was their shipping manager Brice. He apologized for the issue and ask if I was going to be home Monday. This was Friday. I told him yes. The next sentence he spoke bout made me fall over. He tells me that himself and Bill Dudleston (The owner and a world renowned audio designer) was doing a seminar in Washington DC over the weekend. He tells me they were traveling Interstate 70,which runs right through the center of our town, on their way home to Springfield Ill. Monday morning. He asked if it would be ok if they stopped over to have a look at the speaker? He said Bill was a master woodworker in his younger years and if it was not too bad he would attempt to fix and repair. If not repairable they would just take it with them. Not knowing if I heard this right, I ask "So Bill himself is coming to my house?". That is correct. So they contacted Fed Ex and had the skid re-delivered to my house, I unbox the damaged one and put it on sawhorses and awaited my guest. Bill and Brice shows up on time, with a "kit" in hand. As we chatted, Bill worked on the speaker, sanding, spraying, tinting for over an hour. Brice and I unboxed the second undamaged sub, installed it on my system and EQ'ed the speaker into my existing speakers ( I have all Legacy Speakers. Fronts, Center, Surrounds, Backs, and now Subs along with their new IV series Amps). Eventually Bill comes in and tells us he is not happy with the result and their taking it back with him. But before heading back to Illinois he sat on the couch and he and Brice adjusted and re-adjusted to get the system sounding to their likings ... Of course I had my wife take a couple pictures of this process.. How's that for customer service guys ! ?          
That's the kind of story that makes this hobby all worth it. Great to hear that Bill and Brice from Legacy personally went to the trouble to help you out speaks volumes.

I once owned a pair of Legacy Classics. It took three different shipments for me to get an undamaged pair of speakers, and they paid for the shipping each and every time. The only hassle for me was getting them down the stairs every time. They even arranged to have them picked up from my place. 

All the best,
Love it ! a real testament to customer service from a long lasting company

Great result! Kudos to Bill & Brice, no wonder they have been in business for so long.
I am long time owner of multiple Legacy speakers. They have always been outstanding to work with and make a great product to boot. Awesome story of some incredible customer service.
Well beyond the extra mile. I have spoken with Mr. Duddleston a few times at RMAF and as woodworker myself I found him to be as down to earth as they come. A true gentleman.
Awesome story. It's always great to hear companies like Legacy that go the extra mile - to me that's what makes it whole.
My overall favorite speaker brand since the 1990s. Of course, great sound quality and value come first. The outstanding customer service and support are icing on the cake.

This has nothing to do with sound quality but their cabinet work, veneering and finishing are the best I've seen. Honestly, their entry level Studio HD speakers have better veneering/finishing than another pair of $41k non-Legacy speakers I have.

Thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad that all's well that ends well!
Not to mention they make a fine digital preamp with crossovers and room control. Imagine, a speaker company doing that. Boggles the mind.
What's the big deal, didn't even fix the sub, and probably just needed a bathroom break.

JUST KIDDING!  Great story and memory to last a lifetime.
And great amplifiers...

"The i.V Ultra amplifier has handily outdone all other amps reviewed, regardless of genre, which is unprecedented."
Yes, I have the V5 powering my center and surrounds and the V-2 powering my mains. I can't believe how much punchier and quieter is is than my ATI Signature Series 6007...And even after hours of spirited volumes, over 100db, that they run as cool as when their shut off !! Unbelievable..
Never will see this customer service from a large corporate entity.  Thanks for sharing your experience with Legacy.
I would also like to add that when I was trying out the Bob Carver Amazing line Source speakers, I was not happy with the sound of them.
Bob Carver himself flew out to my house and listened to them. He stayed a couple of days. I just had shoulder surgery but took some pictures of myself with Bob. If anyone is interested I can post them on my systems page.

In the end, I was not happy with the speakers and now I see they are discontinued.

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ozzy, were those the ones about 5 ft tall with a ribbon running vertical the length of the baffle, which tapered towards the top, with a row of woofers running vertically? A friend here had those. While he had one of the worst sounding systems, it did sound quite good a few times and so I was pretty sure it was his electronics, in particular his DIY cables, and not the speakers. Hard to be sure, this was a very long time ago. Black gloss tapered baffle. Same ones?  

Met Bob a couple times. Far as I know he is still out here in Lynnwood, WA not far from me. He is some kind of creative genius, and really stands behind his work. You think if I buy an amp or something he will stop by like that? ;)

Yes, I think your description is close enough. I really liked the Bob Carver mono blocks and I thought that his new speakers would be a good match.

Bob said he designed them to sound like a singer standing. I think he used too many resistors to control the image with so many speakers. It required way too much power. (The Carver amp VU needles were peaking constantly.)

We went out to dinner a few times and he talked about his earlier adventures. It was a real treat.

He looks to me that he is getting up there in age and probably won’t come out with much more new products.

I agree, Bob Carver has been a real creative genius.

If you do buy the Carver amps, mention ozzy sent you. Hopefully he will still remember me and show up at your house! You'll have to put him for the night and pay for his dinner. Of course you never know...

Room, no problem. Dinner, my pleasure. Times I met him, just to talk and hang out, it would be a real treat.
 I think MC and Ozzy are talking about two different loudspeakers. MC is referring to the older Carver Amazing loudspeakers and Ozzy the latest version that Bob made a couple of years ago. At least I think I got that right.
That is correct, I had his latest greatest, although it turned out to be not so great.

I think Bob has now relinquished is company now to Frank, his former partner.