A tip for Panasonic PT-AE700 owners

I've own a Panasonic PT-AE700 projector and have experienced a significant amount of vertical banding. I sent the unit to an authorized service center and rather than replacing the LCDs as I thought they would, they upgraded the firmware and then adjusted the flicker rate to minimize the effect. This made an improvement but was still unsatisfactory in my opinion. I returned it a second time and they tried replacing every subsystem in the unit but nothing seemed to make an improvement. They asked one of their experts to evalute the unit and he said that this was pretty typical for this model. After it was returned, I checked through the manual and found mention of a pair of adjustments called dot clock and dot phase. The manual said that these could be used to minimize VB but unfortunately, they don't show up when using HDMI input. However, they are associated with the horizontal positioning control so I thought I would try that to see if it made any difference. To my surprise, I could almost completely eliminate VB. They key is to adjust it one tick at a time. Holding the button down sweeps past the sweet spot too quickly to notice the effect.
Excellent information for someone that owns this model. If you want to get this message out to a broader audience, you may want to post this info on the projector forum at www.AVSforum.com.