A weird Problem with TIDAL/Blusound Node 2i Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi All,


Having a strange problem with my Tidal streaming service within the BluOS app (Node 2i streaamer/dac).

I have recently had error messages that "this song cannot be played as the account is in use at another location" or something similar. This only happens in the BluOS app and not within the Tidal app. Additionally there are multiple playlists and favorites in the iBlu OS interface which I did not add. I changed my password for Tidal but it continues to happen but only within the bluOS interface.

I convinced my friend to buy the same StreamerDAC (Node 2i). Within an hour of setting it up he was getting the same message streaming Tidal. 

Is anyone else experiencing this? Any solutions?

I have entered a help desk ticket with Tidal but have not heard back yet.

Thanks in advance for any direction on this strange problem. 



Change your Tidal password to a strong one. 

Make sure your devices are all on the same network.  If you are streaming from a cell phone that is not on your local Wifi for instance and your cable provider you might get this.

Also, makevsure yo have the right streaming package - one that supports multiple simultaneous streams.