A weird question Gryphon XT or CJ Premier 17 LS

I know this is weird. The first is SS, the second is tube. The first has MM and MC phono board, the second is LS only. But they have one thing in common. The CJ is a Stereophile recommended component,the Gryphon has glorious reviews as well. The Gryphon is 2500 $ more expensive (MSRP) that might mean there is a quality behind these money. What I know is that the CJ has very smooth sound but some setbacks at the both frequency ends. The Gryphon is more accurate but without having the sweetness of the tubes. The only thing that makes me ask this stupid question is the quality of the sound. Just that matters. I know that perhaps most of you haven't heard both the two preamps. Even opinions on just one of them are good too. Every taught will be appreciated, every input is welcomed. Just FIY my other components are Esoteric DV-50s, Audio Note monoblocks and Von Schweikert VR-6 speakers.