As a fellow lover of Coltrane, Cecil Taylor, and Sun Ra, this is my dream collection. What an incredible treasure!
Why does it often take someone who was committed to a lifetime spent acquiring knowledge and the pursuit of learning to remind us that giving back is our responsibility. That was a 7 figure collection, he was a career educator and he ended up giving it all away to another university. Amazing. Every day should be thank your favorite professor day.
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Thank You for posting this information. I would like to see Bram's Sun Ra section as well. Bravo!

"It includes every album released on the fabled Blue Note Records label between the mid 1950s and the late 1960s, an assortment so rare that even the New York-based Blue Note label — which has the master tapes for those recordings — doesn’t have physical copies of them all"

Probably safe to say that collection has stuff you wouldn't find in the bargain $1.00 bins?