Above and beyond customer service from Audioquest

Recently I demoed Audioquest Monsoon and Bizzard cables from my local dealer. Liked them both, but liked the Blizzard even more. Asked my dealer what he could do price wise so he said 30% off so I bought 3. There was one 2m in stock so I went home with one and the dealer said he would order the other 2. The next day he said Audioquest called and they didn’t have any 2m in stock but they had 3m in stock and would give it to me for the same price if I wanted. I thought about it but declined as I didn’t want that much cable spooled up in my living room. They said no problem and my 2m cables would be ready in 5 weeks. No problem I can wait I thought. They next day my dealer called again and said Audioquest had offered another option. Would I be interested in a pair of 2m Blizzard Extremes for the same price as my original order. This is a $250 upgrade per cable. Duh, I jumped on this. So now I’m paying the equivalent of $533 US (I live in Canada ) for $1000 cables. Then when I’m in the store another salesman comes up to me and says, “ Audioquest has confirmed that your cables are in the production queue.” I was blown away. What great service. Makes me want to buy from Audioquest in the future. I was wondering if others had stories about Audioquest or other companies that have gone above and beyond. Nice to see some companies still put a premium on customer service. 

Better not see them for sale on here near retail in the next 12 months😁. Just kidding 😂
 I always find it refreshing for a manufacturer to take care of the customer.  Especially with a large company like AQ. They didn’t have to do anything but let you wait for 5 weeks.  However, I’m guessing by taking a little less profit,they just may have earned a lifetime customer.  That’s a win win no matter how you slice it.