Absolare Pre+PushPull Amp - a good match with Wilson Alexia?

Hi guys,

Just wanted to garner advice on whether the Absolare gear would be a good match with the Alexias.
I’ve only just acquired the Alexias having downgraded from the Maxx3 due to a downgrade in room size.
My room now is around 18ft x 15ft. Currently using Concert Fidelity gear.
My dealer seems to think they will go great although they doesn’t have a demo set currently.

An acquaintance highly recommended Karan amps with Wilsons. He heard a Maxx3 paired with Karan 2000 monos and said the performance was very impressive.

Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

As you realize I'm sure
, nothing beats an audition in your own system (when possible). A
good friend of mine had the Absolare Passion PSET 845 amplifier driving Rockport speakers. Without question it was the best sound I've heard in his system spanning 20 years. He's had some very good systems but nothing like the beautiful sounding Absolare. He prefers SS amps with his speakers. I respect his decision but for me it just isn't the same(that special magic/emotion is absent). The Absolare Passion was truly something special and a pure joy to listen to.


I wish I could but sometimes its just not possible to audition equipment in one's own system, especially here in Singapore.

Nonetheless, I am considering a few options.. Absolare being one of them.
However, haven't read any online users/reviews which have paired Absolare with Wilson although I suspect they may be good together.

Other options would be (the usual suspects) Lamm, Audio Research, D'Agnostino, etc..

I've heard Wilson Maxx3 with Gryphon gear and it sounded pretty decent, almost "tube-like" but with more weight and punch. This was of course compared to my previous amp, Wavac MD-805s.

The CF gear with Wilson Maxx3 was excellent with vocals and jazz but it didn't have enough slam when it came to faster more complicated music. I would say it was a bit too polite.

Am wondering if Absolare would be the same. But the online reviews (of the Set that is) was pretty glowing although they were mainly paired with Rockport speakers.
I suspect that the Absolare push pull amplifiers is better suited for your speakers than their  SET amplifier, particularly given the traits you desire.
I don't know how different these 2 amplifiers compare sonically, same brand but different topologies. Your speakers dip to 2 ohms in the bass region, you may be better off with a high current transistor amplifiers for your needs.  My friend made the switch to SS amplifiers for this very reason. In theory it makes perfect sense but the  beautiful musically and emotional involvement just  is not the same. It becomes a question of what qualities are most important to you. Based on your stated  desire for slam and speed with your Wilsons, SS may be the direction to follow.