Absolute Mystery

Leafing through the latest edition of The Absolute Sound tonight, I was surprised to see Robert Harley's half-page plug for Jonathan Valin's old out of print mystery novels, apparently now being revived for sale on Amazon's Kindle website. The plug does not appear to be a paid advertisement for Mr Valin's books. Rather, its just another article for the TAS readership to pore over. This strikes me as inappropriate and frankly unprofessional. Am I wrong?
I read most of his books many years ago,long before I had any inkling of any audiophilia connection.Perhaps it was a review of "The music lovers" that raised my curiosity.I liked his writing and his character "Harry Stoner".These are good books, entertaining and absorbing reading.I recall "The Lime Pit" as being one of the best.They still sit on shelves next to more well known writers.I think he earned that space.Whether the space afforded him in this post is valid,"favorite things" is pretty open ended and might just include about anything.Who can deny a friend a plug? Especially when it is deserved.
I really liked "The Music Lovers". I haven't read any other of his books, but this one was good.

I agree with Jazz's comments above.