Just saw the Absolute Sounds 50 Greatest Bargins in Audio

and agree with so many of their choices.  Many of the top manufacturer's that we are used to seeing.  I am glad they added some of the portable stuff as I am on the go at time and need my music wherever I am.  I use the AQ Dragonfly Red for quick out and about's.  The have the AK 70 DAP and I use the Ak 380cu with amp.  I wish they had IEM's, but most 2 channel reviewers use headphones and not IEMs....

I was pleased to see the Vandersteen Treo CT's. I had the regular ones and now own the Quatro's. I love them as anyone who has seen my posts knows.  I've been blessed to be able to hear so many pieces on their list and I think they've done a great job with the list.  

Thought it was a fun read.  That is all. :). Happy Thanksgiving all.
Unsure if I agree with the Magico/B&W selections. But I am intrigued by the Constellation Audio Inspiration separates.
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Test, not one of their better efforts. I fully agree.  I have owned some of them and feel that they are a cut above in their price ranges.  It's funny as I always felt I got more out of my Treo's than the other speakers I auditioned under 12k.  I have spent countless hours with a lot of gear.  they are catering to all our different tastes, which is important.  the other thing to keep in mind is that they don't audition everyone's gear anymore either.  I notice that my Ayre gear is not on the list.  Even a few dealers I'm friends with who don't sell Ayre (as others in their area do) feel that it's of the best in it's price ranges.  

We all have our favorites and I must say that mine change often as I get to hear more stuff.  I do have some constants though.  Vandersteen, Ayre and Aurender (saving up for the N10 as it's the best music server I've ever heard and I've heard most of the ultra high end ones as I'm in the market).  

Thought this would be a fun thread for us to post on.  

What a lame list.  Really.  By far the best value in audio are the tube amps from VTA (http://tubes4hifi.com).  Not even close.  You could build a ST-120 kit for less than $1200 or drop nearly $5000 on a Mac 275 that isn't as good.  Exceptional value

And then there are the Linkwitz LX521 and LXmini designs.  The LX521 will go up against anything at any price.  Extraordinary and you can build them for about $3000 with the active crossover.  If you're not a woodworker, hire a local cabinet maker to make 'em up for you.  Won't cost much and you get them built the way you want them.

The LXmini images better than monkey coffins I've heard at $30,000/pair.

That's value.
Thanks for that great positive input Russ.  Seems like you have it all figured out for us all.  No need to look at anything else.  I've never heard a monkey coffin, so I guess I can't comment on those, but for MY ears in MY system, the Vandersteen Quatro's are incredible and to me a great value for high end audio.  Other's may not like them as they like a different flavor. Same with your tube amp and everything else you posted about.  

This isn't a DIY list so why would you call it lame?  Just because you like to make gear (which is very cool by the way as I used to do the same and I am a woodworker), doesn't mean any one else on these threads want to.  I've heard a lot of DIY stuff and honestly, most of it isn't to my ears as good as so many similarly priced pieced available. One reason is economy of scale as well as no having the ability to get custom made drivers etc.. 

To make absolute statements like you do make no sense as none of it's true.  there is no best in a subjective hobby like this. You feel that the DIY gear is best for YOU and that's awesome.  Very happy that you love your gear like we all love ours.  
Seems that this pastime is now subject to the same social media crowd who, without a shred of knowledge, criticizes olympic athletes and comments on politics. This forum was a place where people shared their enjoyment and enthusiasm for excellence. This pastime is about enjoyment not hyper criticism of components, recordings and performances. 
A list is just that compiled by people with exposure to certain products.

What I find as a seasoned dealer is how limited this list is and there are glaring omissions.

One of the most notable is the missing KEF LS 50 which is now priced at $1,299 a pair. This has been one of the best selling monitors of the last ten years and they have received tons of accolades.

Other missing products are things like the Naim Uniti line which is a fantastic product which makes audiophile and non audiophiles alike totally happy, integrated streamer, great app, an entire echo system or streaming products like Sonos and a starting price of $3k totally affordable.

As per expensive speakers the new Persona line is easily a competitor with the Magico at $4k less expensive with greater transparency in a nicer cabinet. and why no Legacy Aeris which is a $25k speaker with room correction, a dac and a preamp for again less money than the Magico, they received a rave review in the Absolute Sound and with their advanced room correction were considered a game changer.

Also missing is Tekton which for $3k are insanely good loudspeakers as well as the more expensive Golden Ear Triton 1 or the new Triton Reference
s which a lot of people love.

In 50 greatest doesn't value, styling, and ease of use and simplicity count for something as well as performance?

I do agree with some of the items on the list and we sell a large number of the products on this list, the Nuprime Ida 8 is shockingly good and the T+A electronics are unbelievable in both sound quality, design and technology.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
and another great commercial from davy and troy.  thanks guys, lmao.

You are correct.  It's just a list and reviews don't mean crap either when ti comes down to it other than for dealers to post links to their products they are selling.  No biggie either way.  it's all good.
Csooner, wow I am shocked, you haven’t commented on the no Vandersteen 1C in the 50's list. We don’t sell Vandy however what you fail to realize in all of our posts if we could sell the 1C we would, and do find them to be an incredible value, which is why I am so surprised that these speakers are not on the list.

I know you love the CT’s I find they have huge compeition in speakers such as the Legacy Signatures or the Golden Ear Ref both which we are fantastic loudspeakers and great values, and by the way we do sell Legacy we don’t sell the Golden Ears.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Seems very odd to me that they recommend the passive GoldenEar Triton Fives for the Mid-Price System...plus $1500-1900 subs??? It would be simpler and more cost effective  (not to mention better sounding IMO) to go with the Triton Three+ ($2500) or Two+ ($3500) with their own integrated subs and eliminate the outboard subwoofers.
Troy, if you read my original post and saw my last line 'Thought it was a fun read.  That is all. :). Happy Thanksgiving all." then you'd realize that it was just a fun little read.  There are tons of great values left off since no mag or online pub can listen to everything.  As you well know there are also politics involved...the list goes on and on.  

Rackon, they may not have reviewed the Three's.