AC Line Problems

I have big problems regarding AC line noise. I get alot of loud "pops" through my phon stage from appliances in house while listening to phono stage. I had dedicated line installed from the existing panel but to no avail. The house is only wired for 110 amps. Would upgrading to 220 amps help? Any suggestions? How can I determine noise which is coming in from the AC line versus noise which is airborne?
Do you have any line conditioner? If not this is very important to start with. ThereĀ“s a very nice trick in this months Fine Tunes in Stereophile (if you feel comfortable with electronics,etc). Maybe you ment volts not amps... Also look for proper grounding in your AC set up and polarity in each component by reversing plugs. Very cheap tester at Radio Shack for this. 110 to 220 volts wont be a cure for other more important factors you might be facing. For faster fingings try listening to your system late at night when AC line noise drops and air noise does as well. There are many tweak sites to look for starters look at Magnan home page. Good luck
Also look at the thread under grounding problems to have more insight Regards
Since all of the noise is collected on your equipment by the ground it must capable of dispensing it. When your house was wired the electrical contractor should have driven a triad of 6-10 grounding rods into the ground and terminated them to the distribution box via 1 ot cable or larger. Depending on the age of you installation (electrical service ) some of the ground connections may have worked loose or corroded. I would suggest installing a new triad ground system and use the proper conductive grease where connections are made. Home Depot should be able to help. good luck
Good luck! Regardless of a dedicated line, you may be subject to voltage sags and could use some filtration. Use a Radio Shack multi-meter and measure the voltages asap after some noise. I live in Philadelphia and had sags down to 95 volts which caused my tube amps to go into ocillation. I installed a Tripp Lite LC 2400 line conditioner that filters and adjusts voltage by switching taps. Problems went away and the sound became very quiet and "black". Only negative about this product is that it makes a loud "click" when it operates and creates a large emi field (my tape deck was recording a huge amount of hum).