AC Power Line Conditioners

I am very interested in finding out more about power line conditioners. I have a friend who has a Macintosh system and Monster 5100 power line conditioner. He plugs his MC 2500, CD player, Pre-amp and turntable into this line conditioner. I always thought power amps needed to be plugged straight into the wall as most power line conditioners cannot handle the high current, power, etc.

My music taste range from classical to jazz records (orchestras, bands and choral)and CD's. I will also be playing R2R 15ips tapes.

My questions are these:

1. Generally how should I go about picking a power line conditioner that does not restrict the music.
2, What do I look for regarding protection from lightening strikes, thunder storms, etc.
3. How much should I consider spending on the line conditioner?
4. Should I stay away from the Monster line conditioners which I would think is more for Home Theater Systems which is not my present interest.
5. Please provide the names of several line conditioners so that I can do the research and learn more about them. Thanks much for all input.
there is a fire sale right now on APC Models...I have the H15 which is now discounted from $449 to $149....perfect for my plasma two channel HT setup...on my "serious" rig I use an Exact Power EP15A...can't recommend it power restriction, runs on 15 watts and stabilizes my AC at 120 volts so my tubes don't drift. BTW if lightning hits your hours or power lines, nothing in the world will save you. Protection from routine surges or low power events is mandatory...put a quality arrestor on your breaker box as the first line of protection.
The APC is designed to work with power amps, analog and digital sources (separate AC outlets for each) at $149 it is a no brainer.
My PS Audio duet (paid just under $200) is the best gain-per-dollar investment I ever made in audio. It is true many conditioner restrict current etc., this one does not. True, only two modules of two outlets each, it's what you trade.
I've been using an old Power Wedge 116 for many years now. Back then the unit was well received and I have not tried anything else since.

I really didn't experience a sonic improvement when I first plugged it in. Over time there was improvement but that could have come from my components as well. Today, I have a dedicated circuit, and I'm still using the Power Wedge for protection.

Not sure if I should plug my amp directly into the wall.
Rbwinterlink - Generally I would do ALOT of research, both online and talking w/dealers. Do not be quick to buy just because someone has stated possitives concerning a particular conditioner. As far as thunderstorms and lightning strikes, I don't know if any product has physically came through an actual test. I would not want to subject my equipment to a "test". I have personally purchased a Richard Gray Power House step down transformer and conditioner from a local dealer that I have known for a while, which may not be for everyone due to price. Prior to purchasing I researched alot on the net, and even inquired to having a custom one built. Even though it can power a home theater system (and probably much more),I am currently only using a 2 channel system, it does a fabulous job with enough overhead power and conditioning. The results in my opinion were well worth it. It did help already having a good relationship with the dealer, as I was able to get an incredible deal. As far as technical advise on other products, that I can not do. What can be said is that the Power House gave much more quietness (blackness) to the back groung with a sense of "unlimited power" by broadening the sound stage. It was not a fall back off your chair blown away effect, but enough of an upgrade to justify the purchase. Simply put, being the begining of the power source I am comfortable knowing I've got protection and power for my system.
the link below was a recent and thorough discussions on plc
Thanks, I think Colorado ranks second or third in lightning strikes. I've had a lot of small equipment get toasted over the years like telephones. I don't run my equipment when there are impending storms and unplug the system then and when on vacation.

You're right about working with a dealer. I've seen expensive conditioners get awful reviews...and then can you trust a source for other like products?

I'll check out the Power House.
Kennythekey, If your thinking of purchasing the Power House or just wanting to get some technical info, get ahold of Dick McCarthy or Jeff Lubitsky from RGPC. Let them know what equipment you are using, or possibly what you may be trading up to in the future (always look ahead).I spoke with both of these guys at great length for about 3 months prior to purchasing the Power House from my local dealer. Out of all the products at that time I felt most confident with RGPC. I've had the unit for slightly over 2 years with great results.
Hello to all,

I want to thank each of you for your comments and great information. I very much appreciate it.