Accuphase DP-85

Anyone heard this ? its supposed to be one of the best out there (according to a recent french review), so i was wondering if anyone had compared it to the 'other' champs (Audio Aero, Linn, EMC1, etc....)?

bad: i had the accuphase dp-85 on audition for a bit over a week. i played it through my boulder 1012 pre/dac on redbook cd and sacd. i also a/b'd it with my 1012 used as a dac and pre and my accuphase dp-90 as a transport. previously, i a/b'd the accuphase dp-75v and dp-85. IMO, the dp-85 dac used for redbook playback is clearly superior to the dp-75v; the boulder, tho, outperforms the dp-85 on redbook in virtually every sonic category. moreover, the differences in presentation between sacd's on the dp-85 and redbook cd's of the same titles played through the boulder dac are so slight to be almost imperceptible.

i've not a/b'd the dp-85 with the big linn or the audio aero. i have heard the emc-1 extensively in my audio dealer's main listening room. while it is a very good one-box player, it is not in the same league as either the accuphase dp 75v or dp-85. the emc-1 does have a very nice transport section, from near the top of the phillips consumer line.

Reminder to all Accuphase users. As the designs of these players are not internally balanced, the players will sound better through their unbalanced (i.e. coaxial) outputs. Of course this is only possible if the downstream component likewise has unbalanced inputs. My DP-75V also benefits from the use of an aftermarket power cord. To date I have found that all preamplifiers in the signal chain with my DP-75V resulted in some manner of compromised performance for this outstanding redbook player. If channel balance is not an important consideration, my recommendation is to connect the player directly to the power amplifier and use the player's own volume control.
i quite agree with linkster that the direct connection of the accuphase dp-75v gives the best sonic results. the only exception to this, in my experience, is running the analog output of the 75v through a boulder 2010 pre (one might expect this, of course, from a $36k component). -cfb
My preamp was a Jeff Rowland Synergy II with a battery power supply. This is the version of the Synergy before the most recent IIi designation with incorporates the new surface mount technolgy. DP-75V sounded better with direct connection (amplifier at the time was the Rowland Model 10). Speakers are Avalon Eidolon.
Does anyone know if it's possible to adjust the volume on a DP 85 without using the remote?