Thoughts on vintage Accuphase

I have an opportunity to buy some vintage Accuphase gear -- C200 preamp and P300 power amp. Just wondering if anyone has opinions on this combo. More specifically, how do you think it compares and competes with modern equipment, and what should be a reasonable price. If I end up buying, I will either be driving P3esr speakers in a smaller room (12x13), or Sonus Faber Olympica II in a midsized room (20x15). Should I walk away and look for more modern equipment or do you guys think it competes favorably with new’ish stuff? I prefer a warm sound but not at the expense of details, transparency or tighter, fuller bass.
One of the few pieces of gear I wished I would have never sold. E-305 it had a great preamp at the time and wonderful onboard amps also.

Very clinical, the sound. I used their amps for the mids and highs, and a Mcintosh C2300 for bass duty..  I was using Strathearn, ribbons for the mids, Emits for the highs and Watson DVC 12" Columns (4 per column).  It really was a match made in heaven. Some of the best Mids/Highs I've ever heard, to this day.  So we are real clear, I'm a Mcintosh guy ALL the way. From way back.. 

Things have changed a bit through the years, Accuphase is one of the few I'd choose over the best  Macs I have.  I have a few after 50 years..

Certain Carys, Pass, Mark Ls, Macs, Ampzilla 2000 series, Krells. ALL expensive but, Accuphase will give them a run for their money.

I have never used their power amps for bass duty. No idea on that. 
I suspect it would have been wonderful.. 
Watson's were a TOUGH load, to wire RIGHT... Eat amps....

Bought the P300, C200 and T100 as a group from (used electronics retailer) Thompson's Electronics in Eugene, OR in about 1996 for $900.  Smokin' deal.  Learned that the trio was on consignment from David Ogden Stiers (Major Winchester from M*A*S*H).  Was mostly interested in the (legendary) T100 tuner, however, the P300 was excellent; smooth, powerful and surpisingingly detailed.  Drove Acoustat 2+2's beautifully.  The C200 was unimpressive; sold it fairly quickly.  Kept the P300 for about 5 years.  Know you didn't ask about the T100, but kept the T100 for about 20 years; it's a great tuner.   

On a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of performance for what it is, where the T100 is a 10, I'd place the P300 at an 8 and the C200 at 4.

Have no idea what these things are selling for these days, but I'd think it a good buy at $1-1.2K for a good example of a P300 and wouldn't want a C200 at all, but can imagine others being happy with it in the $200-$300 range.

Appreciate the responses. The buyer is asking for $3000 for the combo. As much as I would like to explore vintage, this doesn't make sense. It's so much out of the ballpark that I don't know how to even begin negotiating. Lol!

What I'd like to know is how much of the sound characteristics are common between the newer Accuphase vs the really old ones.
@ arafiq
 Many moons ago I owned both the C200 and the P300. Not my cup of tea. Don’t forget that those are close to 50 years old. I think you are better off spending your greenbacks on something brand new! BTW, I own those Harbeths!
I owned an E202 and T101 for 35 plus years.  Still have the T101, Great Tuner but doesn't get a lot of use these days.  Never had any problems with the E202.  While it was an integrated amp, you could also use it either as an amp only or pre-amp only.  Paired with double Advents, then Ohms and finally Polk RTA12's.  Can't speak to the equipment you are looking at but I never had any issues with mine over all those years.  Was pleased with the sound and found that changing the cabling had the biggest impact.
I've been perusing local ads for vintage equipment, but my god, either the sellers are deluded or there really is a market where people are willing to pay more money for a 30 years-old unit compared to an equivalent new (or new'ish) one. I'm not trying to suggest that vintage does not measure up, but they have to perform significantly better to warrant such high asking prices. I'm pretty much done considering vintage :(
We serviced out a C-200 several weeks ago. It is extremely well built and the design is top notch. Any electronics this old though needs all the filter capacitors replaced in the power supplies.

But seriously there are many better sounding preamps. While this preamp was quiet, it was only capable of MM cartridges. The tone controls employed switches so set to flat it was truly flat. But it has a bright character that is de rigor for solid state preamps in the 70s and 80s. I think you could do better with a Dynaco PAS-3, properly refurbished.

I could entertain getting something like this for the novelty, but not more than maybe $200 and certainly not for my main system.
Vintage Accuphase is really well made stuff, but no gear is immune to the ravages of time.  So it is important to have the item checked out very well before buying.
The audio dealer I worked at sold the Accuphase line in the late 70’s early 80’s.  They were made by Kensonic labs which I was told was an offshoot of Trio Electronics, makers of Kenwood.  I may be wrong as it was40 years ago.  I sold the integrated amp and the separates. IMHO, they sounded bright, bright, bright!  The line didn’t sell and in 1985, I sold all the Accuphase at dealer cost to recoup the loss. They have gotten much, much better over the years and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the later era gear, but certainly not the early stuff. Ralph is correct, it sounded bright as did all Japanese made amps from that time period.