Accuphase DP-85

Anyone heard this ? its supposed to be one of the best out there (according to a recent french review), so i was wondering if anyone had compared it to the 'other' champs (Audio Aero, Linn, EMC1, etc....)?

i quite agree with linkster that the direct connection of the accuphase dp-75v gives the best sonic results. the only exception to this, in my experience, is running the analog output of the 75v through a boulder 2010 pre (one might expect this, of course, from a $36k component). -cfb
My preamp was a Jeff Rowland Synergy II with a battery power supply. This is the version of the Synergy before the most recent IIi designation with incorporates the new surface mount technolgy. DP-75V sounded better with direct connection (amplifier at the time was the Rowland Model 10). Speakers are Avalon Eidolon.
Does anyone know if it's possible to adjust the volume on a DP 85 without using the remote?