Accuphase DP75V Is this the way to go ?

I have owned ''seperates'' for years now and I currenlty have a Theta Pro Gen Va ( balanced ) D/A and a CEC Tl-1 transport connected by a balanced Dominus Rev B Digital interconnect. A dealer friend of mine has just taken in trade a mint Accuphase DP-75 V single box player. I have not heard this but he is confident that this player will outperform my seperates.... I am familiar with Accuphase and their reputation has always been good and are said to make very musical sounding equipment......Now, the catch is......he's there and I'm over, does anybody have any opinions on this particular player and is this the way to go ? The rest of the system is older Rowland amp and pre-amp, Avalon Eclipse speakers....Pusist Audio cables and power cords....original Shunyata Hydra
I bought a DP-75V about 2 years ago. I am impressed with the fluid, almost analog like sound! The micro dynamics of this player are unbelievable, especially on the decay! The music just seems to trail off into infinity! Construction, design and reliability are first rate. It is also a front loader, where many of the other top rated CD players are top loaders, which may present a problem with clearance on your equipment rack.

I have heard others describe the 75-V as, "analytical, sterile, etc," Frankly, I have no idea what the heck they are talking about! I have also been impressed with the sound of the Audio Aero Capitol Mk.II. Unfortunately, there were problems with the early production run (IC Chip programming glitches). Build quality of the Audio Aero is NOT up to the level of the Accuphase, either.

The DP-75V seems to be holding its resale value very well, better than the Audio Aero. I have also been told that the DP-75V will sound better than the DP-77V (SACD) on redbook CD playback.

The good news/bad news: the DP-75V had a very short production run, making them tougher to find, but preserving resale value. The transport used in this model has been discontinued, but is still available at service centers, if it failed (highly unlikely!) Again, sources have told me that production of the DP-75V stopped when the transport became unavailable, and Accuphase couldn't find another transport of equal quality!
So would buy the Accuphase ? I'm I to think that there are problesm with the transport ? If it did break...would they be able to fix the problem if that particular transpost is no longer in prodcution....