Accuphase fans. Newer & Lower vs Older & Higher model?

Hi all

I am not rich, not a techie, no expereiences in Hi-Fi, and have no dealers nearby

So I need your help.


I've been craving for integrated amplifier, either Luxman or Accuphase. I am going to buy a used one off eBay from Japan

Since I am not able to afford current generation of Accuphase, the ultimate final Two is Accuphase E-470 and Luxman 507. Of course, I will go down to previous models if they are not too old.

My wife thinks Accuphase is prettier than Luxman so I will go for Accuphase probably


I am considering following models, around 5K budget

E-470~450, 380~360, 550~530


My question is

Should I buy a Newer generation but Lower model? Or Older generation but Higher model?

For example, 470 vs 380 vs 550? 


And How old is too old? X20?





I suggest you make sure that if your Accuphase bought in Japan breaks the company will fix it here without your having to ship it to Japan.

They say Accuphase never breaks, but it probably does, rarely.

How old is too old is a good question. Certain parts do age. I would not hesitate to buy , say, ten year old Accuphase.

As for newer vs older, I'll let those better familiar with this brand express their opinions.

Another question that you did not ask. Do you want class A lower power Accuphase or Class AB higher powered Accuphase.

And you didn't mention your speakers, source and cabling.

I prefer more sophisticated sound of Accuphase to Luxman's.

Oh, and you would need 100 volts to 120 volts good transformer. Not Chinese junk, Japanese or American.

i would not get an accuphase (or any well regarded amp) older than 15-20 years for planned long term use unless i felt there were resources available to service it in the country where i live

even well built components will need some care and feeding, if the intent is to maintain their designed performance level



Yes they won’t repair domestic products and that’s why I ask how old is too old. Fortunately, I have an engineer friend who can fix as long as he could find a schematic, just in case.

I prefer class AB to A just because of the heat, And I want little extra power since my family room is open floor all the way to the eating area and kitchen.

As for speaker and others, I am thinking of Tannoy Sterling, Harbeth M30.2, Magnepan LRS, Spendor A7 or S3/5SE, Ohm Walsh 2000, Proac response D2S, in orders. Optional REL subwoofers as needed.

Source will be Tidal and home network streaming to Topping, Denafrips, or Gustard DAC.



I agree. 15 year is the max lifespan without performance degradation

@czar2000 just curious, are you open to purchasing a used unit from within the USA and if so have you done a search for one?


Of course I'm open to used in USA market. But my max budget is 10K total, and for the amplifier is upto $5,000 (maybe I can stretch little more, depends upon speaker & DAC purchase).

I suspect USA version is almost double the price of japanese? 

I understand audio budgets but I suggest you start searching in the USA for an Accuphase amp. If an amp is purchased from outside the USA, you will need to pay for shipping, both ways, for repairs to Japan, for example.

My friend purchased a preowned amp, it stopped working and it cost $3,000 for shipping (both ways) to Switzerland for repairs.

In addition to eBay and Audiogon, I suggest you contact USA Accuphase retailers and ask them for preowned units. You never know what might happen until you ask.   I suggest you tell the retailer your budget amount and see what happens. 

Go to hifishark.  Search "sold" for Accuphase.  You can restrict the geographical area.  That will give you a good idea what models you might be able to afford that are located in Canada and the US.

I don't mean to throw a wrench into the works but it seems that you have enough budget to buy a nice pair of Tannoys or Harbeths with money left over to buy a new integrated that will sound great. I'd scratch the Magnepans (too demanding in location and seating) and the OHM Walshs (unique but your other choices are more solid)

czar2000, I see.

Actually I myself was thinking about doing the same - getting used Accuphase integrated from Japan. There is almost nothing used in the US or Canada.

But I do strongly prefer class A. I just decided to postpone this for a year or two at least.

Good idea to ask US Accuphase dealers about if they have or expect soon what you might want.

@czar2000, If you decided to purchase a preowned integrated amplifier, of any brand, please confirm there are repair facilities in the USA. Most likely, you will not need repair but you never know.

I agree with @russ69 above the you might consider looking at other brands. Please see The Music Room site below for a list of both new and preowned integrated amplifiers for sale. I hope this helps.

The Music Room integrated amps for sale


That E-480 is almost $10k and the man wants to spend $5k or a little more. And he wants class AB, so E-650 and E-800 won't do anyway.

I myself was thinking about E-530 or maybe E-550, class A.