Accuphase, MF Trivista OR Song?

I am think to get a all in one SACD/CD play. Can any one compare Accuphase DP-85, MF Tri-Vista and Sony SCD-1?
BTW, I that ture accuphase balance output is reverse due to different fromat they use in Japan? What about Sony. I heard some people say just use the phase reverse on the pre-amp and that will correct them. Is that right? Or should I find some one to mod. the XLR cable? Thanks.
see my response to thread "impedance mis matched"for the address of a company which sells XLR adapters which reverse the phase so the wire wouldn't need modified for a Sony.
I have an Accuphase CD 55V player that utilizes XLR outputs with:

Pins 1=ground, 2=Inverted (-), and 3=Non-inverted (+).

This apparently is not the standard USA configuration, as my Amp and Preamp use:

Pins 1=ground, 2=Non-inverted(+), 3=(-)Inverted

So, I ordered the Silver Lace XLR cable kit from HomeGrown Audio, and upon assembly, simply reverse pins 2 and 3 at one end of the cable. Now you are in phase!