Accuphase P-300V

Hello Could somebody help me out? I`m locking for top, bottom and side panels for my P300V if somebody can get or make drawing for them You`ll save me!!!
No need transplant so be enough just some aprox drawing and mesures - i new few lads can make me lids for some money just want hey look as close to original as possible!
Maybe I'm missing something here but this seems like a no brainer.

Valdis I think you're putting in way too much thought on this, ok.From your post I gather you have the front & rear plates. Simply measure from front to back plates. You'll need some precison measuring tools.

Or you could call the DC for some measurements or go to a dealer and do the same thing.
No dealer my banana-latvia. Bought amp from ebay - just Raped it was - internal wiring cuted, lids missing, knobs turned 360 that all been done for purpose probably some kids get it after amp stopped :( repairs done ---- 1 first step transistor blowed, 1 2nd step tran
1 transistor on protection bord 3 emmiters and bla bla bla fev bad resistors no caps for majic!!! 4 full and half day work - brain blowing cos no service manual!
Now running You can watch facebook profile Valdis Paklons have one pic and video!