Accuphase &Proac

I have just upgraded my system to accuphase A-45 amp, C2410 preamp, and CDP 67, i am looking to match them with the new Proac D38R, i am a little concerned that the low output of the amp may not boost the speakers loud enough??
Sounds like a valid concern. If you have a very big room it might not be the best match.
Yes, the amp's low power will be a problem. The D38's are hard speakers to drive. Something in the Krell would be more appropirate.
I have no idea what the others are saying, the D38Rs can be driven by as little as 10 watts and have a 91db efficiency. I have driven easily with 30 watts solid state.
Accuphase has 90 watts into 4 ohms with lots of current. No problem even with a fairly large room. What speakers do you presently have?
Well I had an Accuphase integrated 180 watts with proac D25 the sound was fine but it wasnt really a very special match, i had a couple of NHTs before and it sounded better despite that the proac is much more expensive. any how i read a lot that proac needs class A amplification thats why i upgraded to a class A amp unfortunately i moved to another city so i am far from my other system and i cant try the new system even with the D25
Arbuckle if you tried the D38 with low wattage amps can you give us more info please.
You need to take into account the size of your room more than anything. If it is a big space then no 30 watts is going to sound weak. If it's small, like 12x16 or so then you might be OK. I have been amazed at how much different an amp can sound in my huge living room vs my bedroom.
Oh and you could try emailing Proac to see what they think but they probably won't respond. I've tried numerous times to get a simple question answered and it took forever for them to respond and then they really don't answer the question either. They are not one of the best companies when it comes to customer service.
I ll start a new thread under subject prao D38 owners it may attract some of the D38 owners