Acoustic Zen Adagio Floorstanders vs. Adagio Jrs

Would like to know if the Adagio Jrs are as good as the Floorstanders.... I already have a sub and I like the monitors image (currently using Sequerra Met7 MkIv).

Are there folks who have heard both?
They are very similar in sound. With a sub you would be just fine with the JR.'S. I owned both and the main difference I heard was in the bass.
Ballhog: what about SPLs? With a pair of subs crossed over at 80Hz (1st order), can the Juniors play as loudly as the floorstanding model? TIA.

How did the adagios compare to your Ninas? (just took a look at your review.... )

I've considered others like Cain, cardersound, omega..etc...I just heard that the adagios can take relatively low watt amplification...wanted to use them with an Almarro 318B. but the Adagios are also just so damn beautiful.

I was a little worried that the fostex driver might be harsh sounding. Also the nina isn't as beautiful. In fact, I was thinking about building a pair of the Spawn speakers...which is where the Cardersound line came from. But not sure that I'm going to get around to it.