Acoustic Zen Adagio: How far from the wall?

I am looking for information from owners of the Acoustic Zen Adagio. I believe the manual mentions a speaker to front wall distance of at least 20 inches, but I would like to hear real world experiences from those who are getting great soundstaging with these speakers.

My Adagio's are 5' from front wall, 4' from side walls, with 8' between speakers. 5-10 degrees of toe-in, 10' from speaker to listening position.
My Adagios are 23" from the front wall, 2 feet from the corners and image very well - just as well as my Kharma 3.2s - I am sure they would image even better, as all speakers would, out a little further, but I cant do it in my 12 X 14 X 19 ft room. They image very well even at 15", but better at 23". If that is your limit, I would certainly endorse them - they are great speakers.
The backs of my Adagio's are only 20" away from the back wall, and I've got much better bass and imaging than I've ever experienced with priviously owned more expensive speakers. The 20" is about as far out as I can go before I start pushing the WAF bubble.

Before I purchased my Adagio's I heard them in a really big dealer showroom that wasn't set up for primetime auditioning. With the AZ's about 8 feet out from the back wall,(this was a really big room), the imaging made my knees weak. With the AZ's about 3 feet from the back, the imaging was still deeper than anything I've owned, so I grabed my wallet and said... Sold!

In my family room, I've learned the AZ's like to be closer together than what you'd normally expect.
I got mine 34 inches from back wall...wouldnt mind another 2,room fireplace wont allow it though.about6 3/4's feet apart.32 from side wall(24 by 13.5 rm).Im curious about amps people are using with great success?using sim i3 now,equinox player.Getting itchy(dam bugs).
Using my Adagio's with Musical Fidelity KW-500 integrated.
Very nice match. Smooth and articulate. Will play compression free at levels much higher than needed.

Hard up against the wall, slight toe in and 8’ from each other- this really helped bass projection and extension in my small listening room. Bass quality was not compromised at all. In fact much better. Also using adjustable outriggers I have a slight backwards tilt that tones down the midrange and top end a bit.