Acoustic Zen Adagio, How Good Are They?

Just read the glowing review in TAS. Has enyone heard these and if so is all the positive press justified?
A question for you Adagio users, any thoughts on supports? I have a carpet on a suspended wooden floor and have the version of spikes with a blunt rounded end, though of course I can change to true spikes. Has anyone experimented with supports for the speaker, not too obtrusive if possible? Additionally, any thoughts on positioning. Ihave mine about 7ft apart straight down the room with no intowing and about 15 inches from bookshelves behind. I think these speakers are so good, they deserve a bit of effort to get the very best out of them.
I can't believe the comment made by Yagbol2!! i have personally been to the factory in san diego and i'm a true witness that the whole line of acoustic zen products are made there!! that is absurd! Yagbol2, if you are ever in the san diego area you should call mr. Lee and i'm pretty sure he can arrange a mind boggling tour!!!!
Yagbol2 your commnets are unbelievable! Word of advice .... if you are not sure, do not say it. It will hunt you forevere !!! I am about an hour from Acoustic ZEn Factory and I have seen those guys making the Adagio. I've seen them making from thier ribbon tweeter to connecting all the crossover. I bought two pairs......
I know I was in San Diego, and not in China.... coz I used yahoo driving instruction!!! My SUV could not fly or swim... so I think I am sure I was in San Diego!!
I encourage you Yagbol2... my friend to visit them.
Lighten up guys. I can find nowhere that he said they WERE made in China. He just asked IF they were made in China. I realize you guys are proud of your speakers, but aren't you being a little hard on someone asking an honest question?

Hello David12.

You may wish to toe them in quite a bit, do feel free to experiment. This is because I find the ribbon tweeters quite "directional", so actually they do benefit from toeing in greatly. For me I toe them in so that the tweeters just cross slightly behind my head. Also because of the MTM arrangement, if you have enough space, do make sure you are at least 9 feet from the speakers so that the drivers can "integrate".
Maybe you need to space them slightly farther apart than 7 feet, if possible.