Gallo 3.1 vs Zen Acoustic Adagio: Are they equal?

Because of the factor of shipping costs, I need some input about the Gallo 3.1(I don't believe it is the newest model) in comparison to the Zen Acoustic Adagio. I like the reviews I have read about the Adagios,but have always been intrigued with the Gallo reference line. The Adagios look nicer However,I have an audio store to audtion the Gallo 3.1, but not AZ's Adagio. I have a small living room(12X14) which is somewhat bright. I need some wall hanging to dampen down the sound. (What about small area rugs??) I welcome all opinions and alternative speaker selections. These will probably the last speakers I buy. Thanks, Jim
The 3.1's have been replace by the 3.5@6000.00 a set. I have the 3.1's on Mapleshade 4" stands, sitting on a Mapleshade 24"x24"x4" platform with three brass footers powered by two Alstine Ultra 350 amps with his Insight inverter bridge and the sound oustanding. They take 100 hours to burn in. I just had Ron Bauman's of Insight/Mapleshade Records do his upgrade to them which intells some upgraded parts and rewiring with thier ribbon wires. At one time he did the wiring for Anthony Gallo, and still doe research and development for Anthony. This upgrade puts them in another class. they sound much better than the 3.5 Gallo.