Acoustic Zen Adagio vs VSA VR4jr

I would like to upgrade my current speakers.
My current set up is:
PS Audio GCP
PS Audio GCA 250 (2x biamp)
Raysonic 168
Quad 22l
I have heard both the AZ and VSA speakers although not in the same place so it is hard to make a comparison. I liked both.
I listen to all styles of music from Stravinsky to Porcupine Tree. I am running the Quads in a vertical bi-amp configuration. I realize the Adagios cannot be bi amped. The room is 12'x 20'. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
Well I am picking up a pair of VR4jr on Sunday, so I can give you my feedback then.
Having some experience with both of these speakers ... my opinion is that the AZ sounds more transparent but also somewhat thinner/ cooler. VR warmer, fuller. Between the two with PS gear ... I would go VR. Some where in the middle of these two ... would fall the Dali Helicon 400 ... model 1 or 2. Model two somewhat more revealing/cooler. My opinion ... most fickle to get sounding good is AZ. Hope this helps.
always seem to be at LEAST on pair of each available on the used market at good prices ... why not buy both and sell the pair you like less in your system/room?? probably would not lose any $$$ except shipping (and maybe not even that!)