Acoustic Zen Adagio vs Zu Audio Essence

Hi, I have the followng set up, Cello Duet 350 peor Amp, Cello Etude Passive Pre and a piar of Acustic Zen Adagio Sepakers. I have this itch to "upgrade" for a simpler aproach, Was thinking to change the Adagios to Zu Audio Essence and a Leben CS-300 integrated Amp. What do you think?
There have been some threads on Zu speakers lately.

You may want to search for them as there are some really detailed sonic descriptions.

Essence more brightly lit and detailed with a Ribbon , better for classical and jazz or Omen Defs more dynamic scale and impact..... Rock/blues/electronic

Use the home demo option and try them in your house...... It's the only way to make up your mind.

You may want to consider the new 3 driver Tekton to demo