Acoustic Zen Crescendo vs Nola Viper Reference 3

Based on reviews, these two speakers seem to be stellar outperformers in this price class. Given the MSRP similarity, it would seem that these would be cross-shopped.

Power would be Parasound JC-1s in a medium-large size room. Music selection is Jazz and Rock

So have any forum members been able to do a direct comparison?
I'd certainly be interested as well. These compete in a tough segment, with lots of good players, but most seem to be love or hate, ie, B&W 802D, Wilson Sophia2, Maggie 20.1, and others from Thiel, Coincident, Dynaudio, etc (even Nola's own Micro Grand). E30m3, not to steal your threads intentions, but, if there are not a lot that have heard these two head-to-head, maybe it would also help to hear people's impressions of these against others in this segment? Just a suggestion.