Acoustic Zen MC2 110 ohm?

I’ve been reading various posts, trying to get up to speed on RCA digital cables. I want to connect a Node2 to my Marantz CD player, to get the benefit of the better DAC.

I’ve found several mentions that a true 75-ohm impedance cable is very important for sound quality. I’ve also seen several people praising the AZ MC2. But when I see the specs for the MC2, it appears to be 110-ohm impedance. Am I missing something here?
I’m using the MC2 between a Node 2i and an MHDT Orchid and it sounds great.  A huge improvement over the internal DAC.  The MC2 is big and needs about 6 inches clearance behind the unit to make a bend.  The 2i has limited room around the RCA jack and the MC2 a fat jack so direct plug in isn’t possible.  I have a couple AQ gold plated RCA 90’s and that solved both issues.
Thanks, that's good to know. I see what you mean about the jack on the Node2 being recessed and having limited room around it. I already have them hooked together with a different cable with no problem. Must have a smaller end. Will look into the RCA 90's you have.
I run a set of 1.5M AZ MZ2 between my source and processor for years. It is every bit as good as my other reference cables. Kimber D60(BNC),  Orchard(AES/EBU), Tara Lab Master(AES/EBU), etc. But I may get some hateful remarks by referring you one other option.

Cable Solutions "Signature Series 77"
This is an industrial standard 75ohm cable with true 75ohm termination in either phono and BNC configuration. Having a sophisticated system with isolated frontend backend system, I am running a 68 feet length to my transport to DAC. After extensive evaluation, I find this long cable every bit as capable as my other much shorter cables. Please do yourself a favor and audition this high quality cable. I humbly consider this a hidden gem. Very inexpensive so you have minimal risk. 

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PS: Currently used in a Mod-5 figure $ system.

I’ve gone through the same issue as you, and think I finally understand why you ask that question.  It seems that the AES cable spec is the default spec statement for the MC2 as a product line. That has a 110 ohm standard and so that’s why you see the MC2 as having 110 ohm.  But you’re safe to assume that the coax version is the coax standard 75. At least I really hope so.  

I'm here to correct my answer from last year in case someone comes across this thread.  I emailed Acoustic Zen and they confirmed that the MC2 cables, even with the RCA termination, are 110 ohm.  They are not 75 ohm.  Both of my DACs (a Holo May and a Schiit Yggy) require/recommend a 75-ohm cable, hmmmm. 

I’ve been using a 1m MC2 with RCAs and it sounds excellent in all respects, so if the 110 Ohm rating is impacting the sound I certainly don’t hear anything negative. I emailed AZ about this but never got a response, which was a bit disappointing. I’ve looked a little online and the answers were mixed as to whether this is an issue or not. All I know is the MC2 was a huge step up in performance across the board from both my Apogee Wyde Eye and Stereovox XV2 (descendant of the Kimber Illuminations D60) cables that are both considered to be pretty decent so I was very surprised at the absolute level of improvement it provided. Maybe someone more knowledgeable about digital cables here might have some thoughts on this?