Acoustic Zen wow bright?

Are Acoustic Zen WOW!! interconnects considered bright?

I've been swapping out some of my source components and I find the AZ cables to be the most engaging and upfront. I don't know if this is a result of the cables or the player but I'd love to hear some of your experiences you've had with these AZ cables.
I have no experience with the Wow ic but did own all AZ interconnects from the Matrix and up. None of them were even remotely close to bright, even slightly on the warm/rich side of neutral if I had to chose one side. I can not imagine the Wow to sound bright, the problem must me somewhere else in your system.
What sources do you use?
I'm using Rotel RCD-1072. With Audioquest Copperheads ICs the sound is a bit dull and flat. After inserting AZ WOW into the mix and the CD player is more upfront and clearer. The brightness isn't a bad thing, I like the extra resolution.

I don't see the WOWs discussed much since it is AZ's entry level cable.
the WOW is full sounding but with a bit of brightness from what I remember.

of course ymmv

fwiw the MatRef is a big step up in extension and detail
I find the WOW to be an exceptional cable for the cost. I use them on my HT processor to my amp. When you need 8 interconnects it's a very good value. For 2 channel I like my AZ Absolute Copper interconnects but they are much more expensive.