Adaptive Dither Firmware AA DTI Pro 32 ?

I'm waiting for delivery of a DTI Pro 32 with the (an?) adaptive dither software upgrade chip. I've since seen mention of an AD3 chip for the unit. Does this mean that in addition to paying too much for the unit, I've also purchased the first of three versions (two revisions) of this software/chip? If this is the case, is there a current source for the most recent upgrade? Thanks for your help.
Not very familiar with the ad3 chip,but dusty vawter still does upgrades and repairs on AA gear.I believe the company is Channel Islands Audio in califournia.Hope this helps.
hi jaycee,

the revision ad or ad3 is the same thing (previous versions were called revision a and revision b). i have both the revision b chip and the revision ad or ad3 chip which is the one currently installed. i would've gladly answered your question had you asked me. i purchased the most current chip from hcm audio who if you go to their website is the contact for dusty vawter of channel islands audio mentioned above. i'm sorry i wasn't clear enough to you, i tried to tell you everything i knew about the unit. going over our emails, the first email i sent to you mentioned that the chip was in fact the ad revision and was the most recent. i'm not here to screw people over just to unload a few pieces of gear now that i don't need them. if you have any other questions please email me and i will try my best to answer them for you.
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