Adcom 2535 Amp for HT. Any instructions or help?

I would like to use an Adcom 2535 for HT and have no manuals to direct me . Any help would be appreciated in setting up the system. I will use the amp for 200 watt
center channel and 2 x 60 watt rear sound. I do not believe that you can split the sound to the right and left rears please enlighten me.
Hi ,I use a 2535 amp along with a 555 Adcom for the front
2-channels .They both have bi-polar tech.,and have plenty of
power for home theater systems . Never had a problem with Adcom products .
You can find the manual on Adcom's web page:

(it will take a while to load)
The Adcom 2535 was essentially two of the 535 power amps on one chassis, which means that it could drive two pairs of speakers (left and right front; and left and right rear), or you could bridge the "B" amp for use with a subwoofer or center channel. The amp was manufactured before there discrete 5.1 channel HT, so there was no center channel at that time.

You are correct about the power breakdown: either 4x60 wpc, or 2x60 + 1x200 wpc. If you bridge the "B" amp, then the amp becomes a 3-channel unit. I sold Adcom gear about 10 years ago, including the 2535 and 2535L ("L" stood for "level control" -- there was a potentiometer screw on the back panel that allowed you to adjust the bridged amp for use with a subwoofer), and I remember most of the operating details. Feel free to drop me a personal E-mail if you have other questions.