Adcom GTP or GFP

Is their any other difference besides the tuner section on the GTP? Is their any sonic difference between the the two, pro and cons?
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I had one of the GTP 500II I believe was the model. It was a nice preamp, fully featured, including phono I believe. The tuner was pretty decent, and did a better job of picking up stations compared to other receivers that I had previously used. They are a bargain now, I always wanted another, but never knew what I would do with it !

The GFP 750 is a classic. Adcom's one home run.

Not sure any of the the GTPs achieved this level of performance.
Agree with Knownothing above. No comparison. I own the GFP750--there are many threads on this classic here. Check them out. But, I love it to death. The passive mode is where it is at--I am not crazy about the active mode which is a bit forward sounding to me. Also has balanced inputs and balanced outputs in a true balanced Class A hexfet in/mosfet out design. Nelson Pass design, nuff said. He is genius. As anything, it depends on your own ears and system to judge. This is the ONLY Adcom pre to consider for any decent system.
No I have not compared the two, but would agree at least on paper, and the preverbial "it costs more so it must sound better", that the GFP 750 is a much more of a quality peice.
GTP is tuner preamp, GFP is pure Preamplifier. If You can get
GTP-502 You will be more than happy. I use GTP-502 with
McIntosh MC252. I never had a better sound. Preamp is totally
I had a GTP400 and it was "muddy" sounding.No clear picture of instruments or voices.I now have a GFP710,bought here on audiogon, that sounds terrific.Not a technical answer but I hope it helps you.