Adding a SS amp as a 2nd amp for my tube rig has been a plus

I'm really glad to have purchased a solid state amp, used, to go with my tube gear. Just the perfect solution to when I grab a moment or two to listen — that hour between work and dinner, for example. There's not enough time to warm up the the tube amps, but I turn on the tube preamp, turn on the solid state amp, and I'm in business.

I spent about 5:1 for the tube stuff (including the better tubes) relative to the SS amp, but I think spending that small extra portion on a slightly better tube rig wouldn't have gotten me as much.

Sonically, the tube stuff is superior — BUT I get a slightly different angle with the ss gear. For example, some rock sounds better with the solid state. Also nice to have a solid state when I swap different speakers in to try out.

Convenience-wise, I get more listening in to have that ss as a second amp. Most of the time, I just listen to tube, but when I can't make listening an "event", I still find myself listening.

Yes -- some additional costs (extra interconnect, extra speaker cables) but I am not the sort who breaks the bank on those items, so pretty negligible added cost.

For what it's worth. Anyone else done this?
On my trips to Japan the really hiend crowd uses SS preamps (usually Accuphase) and tube amps (vintage ’tosh and Marantz, and I believe Japanese Triode brand.) They use lots of horn L/S - many are 16 ohm nominal impedance. They explain do not want the noise inherent with tube preamps amplified down the chain. How they shoehorn some of these large speakers into their apartments makes one ponder.

It is interesting to note cultural differences in listening.
@buellrider Mike, yes, budget is important. This Atoll was about 50% of retail and only 1 year old. I was surfing for Parasound A23+ recently, and saw one of those for about $900. That would be a sweet amp, too. Given your Zu's you might even do better.
I looked for years trying to find a custom switch- two preamps (ss and tube) 3 or 4 amps and three sets of speakers--  I found this company and he built a first class switch!!!!! Near the bottom of the page.