Adding a turntable to my system

I what to add a turntable to my system ,I have a marantz AV 7005 preamp.I want to get a pro ject debut carbon turn table.what all do I need to make this run Thx Bob
Your Marantz AV7005 does NOT have a built-n phono stage, so you will need, in addition to the turntable, an external phono stage.

BTW, the Debut Carbon is an excellent starter table.  It doesn't have a phono stage inboard, but most of these within the table itself aren't that good.

So to recap you will need:

External Phono Stage
Interconnect cable from phono stage to AV7005
Most of the time the Debut Carbon comes with a pre-installed 2M red cartridge.

I've owned a Debut Carbon, an overrated table IMO.
Consider the Rega P1 turntable. For Phono preamps, it's tough to beat the Schiit Mani or U-turn Pluto at $100 and $89 respectively.
They both sweet table for starter ,both come with MM cartridge so you only need phono stage.
me recommends phono with MM or MC input,cause one you try MM that comes with it you wanna hear what people's buzz bout MC !
also need cable from phono to marantz.

Take a look at the Schiit Mani phono stage - it provides for both MM and MC compatibility and has some alternate loading options

At $129 - it’s the best bang for the buck right now - and when it’s time to upgrade you can resell it and probably get 40-50% back - Schiit has a great reputation - I owned the Bifrost DAC and it was pretty good

The Mani is beating a lot of established brands lower end phono stages costing much much more

Regards - Steve
Well I need some help,I have it narrowed down to music hall Mmf 2.3,rega p1-p2, ject Carbon debut.i would like to stay within the 500 range.ive seen upgraded tables that are used for this price also.i know it all depends on up grades but I'm trying to stay with the stock stuff.
@thirsty93 - I’d probably go for the mmf2.3. But that judgement is based on the merits of their 5.3, which is pretty darn good. So the question is - How much less capable is the 2.3?

By far the most up-gradable TT (the one with the most after market bits) is the Rega - it holds that crown - I’ve upgraded my Rega to the point where the lid is the only original part - but that gets expensive.

If I had to choose between the Rega and the Project - i’d go with the Project.

So - my preference...
1. mmf 2.3
2. Project
3. Rega

BUT - for just a leeeeettle beet more ($800) is the SOTA Moonbeam III, which is my preferred choice at this level of turntable AND there are some nice upgrade options (accessories) available from SOTA for future uprgades, which you know will work.

It’s a class above the three you have selected but for only $300 more! But I do believe it would be a much better long term option, primarily because you will not feel you need to upgrade any time soon based on its performance

Sorry to muddy the waters

Regard - Steve
@stringreen - I'm finished with upgrades!!!

Ever since i upgraded my cables :-)

I’d avoid the Carbon or any other Pro-Ject. Every time I see one in person the look & feel quality sucks. I’d look towards Rega at those price points -- at least you get a good arm, and a platter material that won't grab hold of an MC cartridge's large magnet (if you are so foolish to choose such a pairing) . And I’d also be wary of the Mani, which seems over-hyped. Not everything Schiit is gold (and I own a Yggdrasil).
@yogiboy - that's a nice little turntable - I like the look of the Orbit plus, which is still very reasonably priced for the included upgrades

Takes me back to 1981 - I payed $225 for my Rega Planar II

- the drive belt motor configuration brings platter to speed very quickly
- the mass of the counter weight on the arm is llow - like the Michel techno weight - it improves tracking accuracy and playback
- acrylic platter improves playback clarity
- 30 day return policy
- 2 year warranty

At $289 I'm almost tempted to get one for my spare cartridge to play those old pressings

Not sure I'd go for the built-in pre-amp
- the Pluto Phono amp looks like a better option
- but the Schiit Mani is more flexible for a little extra

Could it be a Goliath slayer? - Time will tell

Have you heard them?

Thanks for sharing
I have not heard one. But it looks like a real nice entry level table with some positive reviews. Another plus is it’s made in the USA !!
Boy. I would not recommend that you jump into analog without thinking it through. So you will need a table, an arm, a cartridge, a phono preamplifier, a record cleaner, a cartridge, cables from you phono to your pre and don't forget the records. 

It would be big mistake to cheap out. because then to upgrade to higher quality you need to address all those factors. 

Grab your wallet. 
I've not heard the base Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. However, I have the upgraded Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB and I think it is a fine turntable for the price. I believe it is $599 retail. In addition to the regular Debut Carbon features, it offers an acrylic platter and electronic speed box. Mine is in the Ferrari Red and I think it looks fantastic. It's not perfect, but I think it competes well with anything in it's price range.
Well here's what I went with Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB Turntable With ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge with acrylic platter and a 
Pro-Ject Phono Box E pre amp for 569.i thought it was a good deal.

I think you made a great choice to start.  I had the same TT w/ a project tube box S, and for the the money it sounded wonderful.

Enjoy it!
@thirsty93 - Excellent! Let us know what you think once you've had a chance to set it up and take a listen. If it's new, the cartridge might need a bit of break-in. I think my Ortofon 2M Red took about 10-20 hours playing time to open up.
Give the cartridge at least 50 hours of play time. Mine was improving up to about 120 hours, not Ortofon.

Just set up a Pro-Ject  Debut Carbon  in  red for a buddy. Looks good, easy  setup. Came with the  Ortofon 2m Red. Speed is a little fast, as measured with the Kab strobe. we,ll let the whole thing run in  and then get serious with the fine tuning. First impressions are good value and a good starter tt. As for my buddy, he is very happy with the result, the last I saw of him his foot was tapping, a huge grin on his face :)


Well I got my turntable all set up and I am know hooked.went out and bought Pink  Floyd's 180 gram remastered lp and Kansas point of no return remastered lp.Wow never heard the castanets in a pink Floyd song.It was a very nice addition to my system.i was sitting listening to Floyd in a half dark room with my eyes closed just kinda obsorbing the music lots of detail I've missed on cd.
@thirsty93 - Excellent! Glad you are happy with the sound. If it's new, it will probably get quite a bit better after some hours of break-in. Enjoy!
Well after 4 months with the turn table on the system I'm hooked.
everything I was expecting.i bi wired my nhts and it seemed to tighten up the bass in the I said could not be happier