adding phono stage

i have a hovland pre-amp that i wish to add a phono stage.i am told there is no soldering involved.the rep says it is easy and to install it myself,but the dealer that it was sent to thinks would save me a not so short road trip if i could handle this myself.what do you guys say?
I say get a stand alone phono pre for maximum flexibility in matching to your cartridge and upgradeability in the future.
Hi Dicobrazil

Best is to open the Hovland and have a look at the place where the phono module is supposed to go in. If it is a straight forward “plug-in” then I would suggest you go ahead. If it looks intimidating, best you drive out to the dealer.

My experience is that plug-in phono module are more cost effective than stand alone phono stages, and in addition you will not have to incur the expense of another IC between the stand alone phono and you pre.