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Phono preamp or cartridge - which to upgrae first
I second the VTPH-2.Keith is one class guy. 
how much did you ever spend on a cable?
five hundy for a less loss power cord. 
Starting Out in PC Audio
I second the squeezebox.Got mine last week and have no regrets. 
My favorite Steely Dan song has to be...
gotta go with black cow. 
Anyone using Coincident Total or Super Eclipse
i have the partial eclipses right now mated with tubes and am very pleased.imagine the more expensive eclipses would be even better. 
New or used?
i would agree with david12.most of my purchases over the years have been used with the exception of cartridges.not to say there aren't some dangers involved,as in no warranty and an item being misrepresented. 
Teres, redpoint or galibier turntable
for the most part all three tables seem to please there respective owners.i have only heard a teres as a friend owns one.it was good enough that i entertained purchasing one myself until a great deal on a vpi swung me that way.i have enjoyed mr.sa... 
Opinion: Best turntable under $2000?
i don't know anything about the scheu tt's but i see one on another site's classified's,probably not allowed to mention them specifically. 
Live Earth 7/7/07 gentlemen start your tivo
i have been enjoying the music,got some new artists to further look in to.judging by some of the comments made in this thread though people are ignoring the main reason this event is happening,to take a look at what each person can do to help inst... 
Opinion: Best turntable under $2000?
i tend to agree with piedpiper on this one.going to get a lot of opinions on which direction to go.don't forget the used market once you do decide.good luck. 
Want to Start vinyl
i can see tater's point of view.i don't always have access to used record stores where i live so i am glad those internet stores are around.i can easily spend a couple of hours looking through the bins of the brick and mortars when i get to one. 
Want to Start vinyl
the whole vinyl scene has been very appealing to me.looking for used vinyl,hearing about useful tweaks,ect.i had virtually no lp's at the beginning but for the most part have been getting lots of want i really want.i say jump in.lots of help avail... 
What is the one CD you can't find?
i would love to find some mindy smith on vinyl.no luck yet. 
Can you imagine a world without vinyl?
screensaver of a pizza.might stick with a bikini girl. 
Can you imagine a world without vinyl?
although i find myself never failing to read one of these threads the bottom line is an agreement will never be reached as to which is better.i don't own a cd player anymore so that explains my preference but probably will own one again in the fut...