Adding storage to a MacBook Pro

Since diving into the world of hi res digital downloads, I have used my MacBook Pro, circa 2015, to store my music. Getting very low on storage space. For folks that have encountered the same issue, what did you do to add extra storage space? Cloud? External drive, either disc or solid state? And someone mentioned that there are those that do surgery on MacBook pros and install larger internal hard drives. Thinking of going at least 1 TB. I want to make things as easy as possible. Preconfigured for Mac would be super. Thanks in advance for the suggestions. 
Installing a larger internal drive is the answer.

Last time I did this it needed a USB to SATA adapter to basically rip the original drive onto the new one before replacing it. You'll find instructions online.

Alternatively, USB thumb drives in 256 GB sizes and up are now common.
If you're even reasonably handy you can upgrade the internal drive on any Mac using the instructional videos and tools from
The videos at are also excellent.
Another source for upgrades is

I haven't done a MacBook Pro but recently replaced the internal SSD in my MacBook Air with a much larger one, it took fifteen minutes and one screwdriver. The Pro may be more complicated but it's certainly doable if you follow the instructions.

Recent MacBook Pros and the like are not upgradeable, often even if you have required specialized soldering equip. Size also hardwired into Bios.
The early 2015 13" MacBook Pro and mid 2015 15" MacBook Pro are upgradeable. As "sfar" has pointed out the instructions are available at It is a straightforward process and takes about 1/2 hour. I have done both a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air. A SSD can also be purchased at Other World Computing. They have a kit which includes the SSD, screwdrivers, USB to SATA cable, and a transfer enclosure. If you already have the proper screwdrivers you can purchase a transfer enclosure and cable on Amazon at a cheaper price.
My comment was in response to star that "any" MacBook can be upgraded. That has not been true for several years. 2015 yes, newer ones no.