Adjusting Anti skate on a Music Hall MMF-7

After being away from analog for years (sold my table years ago, but kept all my vinyl), I decided to try it again. I purchased a used Music Hall MMF-7, plugged it in, and fell in love all over again. What took me so long? Man, does this thing sound good!!
OK, now for the question. How do I know if the anti-skating is set properly?
In advance, thanks for your advise.
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Agree with Mr. Hall's advice. But I found that adjusting the anti-skate position does make a subtle difference. I found that the stereo image moved ever so slightly from center depending on which position the weight was placed. And the image would change very slightly as the tonearm moved through the groove. But in the end, I ended up just leaving the anti-skate weight on the middle position of the rod and listening to music.

I'm not familiar with your table, but I would set anti-skate close to the tracking force number(unless your cartridge specifies something else-like some Sumiko moving coils). I would then make infinitesimal changes in either direction-until you hear what anti-skate does. I would not use anti-skate settings for stereo imaging, or anything else(too many variables). Generally, if the record sounds best in the inner grooves, you have too much anti-skate.
The Music Hall line of turntables uses the Pro-Ject tone arm(s) system of three simple notches to adjust anti-skate. I've considered adding intermediate notches for fine-tuning anti-skate but after numerous 'experiments' I've come to the conclusion that it's not worth finessing, at least with the mmf-2.1 and mmf-7 turntables.

The Pro-Ject 9 arm tracks quite well and distortion whle playing the inner portion of the groove is not something I notice unless the LP has been damaged. Set the anti-skate on the center notch and forget it. If your cartridge is set up properly and is functioning properly the "middle of the road" setting for anti-skate works just fine.


I'm setting up one of their MMF 5.1 model turntables and I can't tell but I think the fishing line on the anti skating weight may be shorter than it should be based on photos of other setups.

Does that pose a problem?  Maybe I need to experiment with different positions on the three position selection?  

It does seem likely to skate a bit on some LPs.