Admitting my error…

Admitting my error of some years ago, when downsizing residences I sold my 1500 lps (my father’s, uncle’s and my collection :) because, of course nearly everything is available digitally, I am considering getting back into vinyl. Kit-wise I’m looking at Dr. Feikert Venti/J Sikora Initial TT level - full kit approx $15k including phonostage.

The Joseph Audio/Doshi/Aurender/J Sikora room at AXPONA simply blew me away. Switching between amazing digital and uber-rich and detailed analog, I kept returning to the room like the sweets table at a Bar Mitzvah. I understand that at $250K the rig was 2x’s mine (Pathos Heritage/Tannoy Kensignton/Innuous MK3/Phoenix USB/NET/Chord HSM/DAVE w/ SJ DC4 ARC6 lpsu. But still the character of the vinyl sound was utterly entrancing.

My question: If I go this route, I’d like to "restock" my collection to some extent by purchasing a reasonably sized vinyl lot, then add selectively over time. Any recommendations as to lot purchasing? ("Don’t do it!" is an acceptable recommendation.)





It rarely, if ever, gets mentioned that buying used vinyl can be a disappointing venture since the vinyl only sounds as good as the condition of the last stylus that traversed those grooves.

I gave up on used vinyl for that reason after springing for ostensibly pristine LPs that were sonically a mess.

In the late 80’s, before she was my ex, I was “persuaded” to sell my collection of 600-700 albums that I faithfully weeded through to eliminate the chaff.

Not one of those albums is currently unavailable so I’m fine with my decision.

if you’re into the ritual then $pend the bucks to go back to vinyl, but if it’s the music that really matters why not stream your music?


A lot will depend upon your musical tastes. Buying used records can be very disappointing. You will find most visually graded which means their quality will be dependent upon what the seller can’t see and surface noises are not always visible. New jazz and classical reissues are very good to excellent and usually cheaper than originals. As for pop and rock, they probably weren’t recorded very well to begin with. Audiophile quality recordings are readily available, but make sure the music suits your tastes. As others have stated, buying an entire lot is expensive and will be time-consuming. You will probably end up not keeping more records that you keep. Research sites like Acoustic Sounds, Music Direct, etc. for buying new and be cautious when buying used.

There r so many variables that are not understood in any of our replies and “insights”.  Thats is why some can enjoy a single media on $1k of system value and others can not with a $300k system value.  The $1k person can truly be crazy happy as can the $300k be truly not.  I THINK, u dumped vinyl for Your Good Reason and you can enjoy OUR hobby via digital, for your reasons, and be ECSTATIC!!   I live on both planes, and every year gravitate more to the way I USE & ENJOY the hobby.  (Music & electronics).  I do wish I could of attended AXPONA.   And I LOVE!  playing tunes for my, much older brother, kids and their Sig Oth’s.   So I stream, unless I have a lot of My Time, then I have to plan on electricity warm up time🫣

Don't forget a good ultrasonic record cleaner, especially if you buy used. Not only improves the sound considerably, but also reduces stylus wear. If your cartridge is costly, US cleaner can even be cost-effective. It is for me.